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Energy efficient boilers The first question you should ask yourself if you want the most energy efficient boiler is what type of boiler should you buy. All modern boilers that you can buy are condensing boilers, which are much more efficient than traditional non-condensing boilers. According to the energy saving trust, you could save as much as £340 a year on your gas bill if you're trading in an old-style non-condensing boiler for a new condensing one. But to make sure you make the most efficient choice, you need to pick the right type of boiler for your home. What is the most efficient type of boiler?

Combi boiler: heats water as you need it and takes up less space as it doesn't need a storage tank, making them ideal for smaller homes. Heat-only boiler: sometimes known as a conventional boiler, a heat-only system means you will have a hot water tank or cylinder where hot water can be stored for later use. They're ideal for larger properties. A system boiler: just like a heat-only boiler but more components are built in, meaning they take up less space and you don't need a tank in the loft. Getting the wrong type of boiler for your home is a shortcut to unneccesarily high bills. Learn more about the different types of boiler and which would suit you best in our full guide to the different types of boiler.

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